Project Giveback

The mission of Project Giveback (PGB) is to raise awareness and resources for our First Responders, their Families, our Military Elderly, Seniors devastated by a Natural Disaster event, and the children of our FALLEN HEROES.

The vision of Project Giveback (PGB) is to facilitate events and opportunities to raise funds and awareness for our wounded and disabled First Responders members, and to “give back” from all of us as a commUNITY.​

Christmas Event - La Casa de Todos

A big thank you to all of you who helped Project Giveback, Inc (PGB) to bless 18 kids who had been removed from their homes due to very dark abuse. They are as young as 1 year old and up to 12 years old. Additionally, your labor of love blessed 12 Court Order Domestic Abuse Women all of them assigned to “La Casa De Todos.”

Now we turn our aim toward blessing them with a Christmas event and with the focus to fix, paint, and make some basic long overdue repairs that because of the lack of resources and manpower had not been able to be executed. Some of the things we need to do are damages from Hurricane Maria. I know it sound crazy that Maria devastated the Island over 3 years ago and today some things are left outstanding. At 82 years young Sor Carmen the remainder living co-founder cannot execute many of the task that are required. As Project Giveback (PGB) continue to evolve with the intent of making the most profound and meaningful positive impact we are stepping into the plate to execute with the manpower but the need for the resources is crucial for us to have a presentable home for the kids.

PGB ask that you consider making your own positive ripple effect by joining us in person or with your resources and love on those less fortunate.

Thank you for your considerations and support.

Remember that “we are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. It is up to us to make it good or bad.”

La Casa de Todos, Inc Philosophy and Mission are as follow.

-The Philosophy:

To provide minors who were removed from their homes a place of safety with an environment, and tools conducive to inner healing from traumas that may have destabilized their lives.

-The Mission:

To provide emergency shelter to minors of both sexes, between the ages of 1 to 12 years, victims of physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect among others, and to mother and daughter survivors of domestic violence with their sons and daughters.

For more info on “La Casa de Todos – A safe place for abused children and domestic battered women.” contact Sor Carmen the cofounder and director at: 787-212-7147.

PGB and the Good Vibe Tribe Family Presents

Inaugural PGB 5k run.walk.roll Fun Race

benefiting the PGB Feeding our KEIKI’s (Hawaiian word for Kids) program.


Date: September 5, 2020
Location: Jefferson Park in east Harlem Time: 9 am

PGB and the Good Vibe Tribe family are all about our youth and kids.

It is a reality that we have many needs in our commUNITY.

If we are to own our TRUTH…we have to accept that unfortunately even in this the 21 Century and in the wealthiest Nation of the Modem World we have countless Keikie’s that go to sleep in an empty stomach.

This fun run is intended to make a positive difference in the lives of as many Keiki’s as we can by donating food to them.

Jose…how can I be of service you may be asking?

Join us virtually or in your neighborhood as we all run.walk.roll to feed our Keikis.

Run 4 Your Students Guánica Edition

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We can’t do this without your faithful support. Our mission is to serve our commUNITY and our Fallen Heroes Families. Partner with us by donating to our general fund.